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The Story

YewwShare was created by two brothers, Keith & Neal Belovay. They share a deep passion for technology, travel and thinking outside of the box. Keith came from Amazon, where he worked as a Software Engineer and Neal came from Investment Banks where he worked in Equity Research. Both brothers were frustrated that photos were still being sold on USBs or CDs, making it inaccessible to today’s traveler.

They set out to innovate in an area that they felt was missing basic needs for businesses and consumers. The company has since grown from its humble beginnings and now hosts a whole suite of services. YewwShare now includes digital waivers, a photo gift store, picture sharing and monetization, photo sales and real-time customer intelligence.

YewwShare is proudly based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Engineering is at Our Core

YewwShare is developed by Software Engineers, with honours degrees from the leading university in software development, the University of Waterloo. Our engineers have had experience in top tier companies, working for Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Xtreme/Pivotal Labs, and Digital Extremes.

The team has developed products that are used by millions, including: Amazon AppStream, Twitter’s Official Android Tablet App, Amazon Test Drive, Kindle Fire OS, Kindle Freetime, the Child-Safe ecosystem on Kindle Fire, Disney XD and Family Channel Apps for Android and The Darkness II.

YewwShare is completely focused on building the best product in the industry. You can be assured that our software meets leading industry standards and is of the highest quality possible as it has been developed by software engineers with real, top tier experience and skills.

By building our software in house, it gives you peace of mind and us complete control. We won’t stop investing in our product in order to make your life easier.

Focused on Your Business

We are focused on your business needs. Our software has been developed to ensure that it is making your workflow extremely efficient, helping to eliminate unnecessary tasks. You should spend more time with guests.

We have introduced new revenue streams for businesses and, as an industry first, developed a real-time customer intelligence platform. YewwShare helps you increase sales, understand guests and improve operations.

Our Mission

We want to help you better understand your customers and make it simple to consistently maximize their experience. In doing so, we want to deliver additional revenue streams, reduce your costs and exceed your expectations. It is our goal to make technology happen in the background so that you only have to worry about your guests.

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